The country's only independently run community marina, providing sustainable affordable moorings in central London. With ten ducks too.

What is C.H.U.G?

CHUG is a local charity based in Kingsland Basin, London N1. Founded in 1983, it was set up to promote use of the canal in Hackney. In that time it has helped set up Laburnum Boat Club and transformed a Kingsland Basin into a haven for wildlife and much needed affordable and sustainable mooring space for canal users. click here for more

Initiatives & Sustainability

CHUG is self managed community where sustainability and participation is encouraged. We welcome support and will work with land owners, local and waterway authorities. CHUG is currently self funded and independant. It’s an alternative boating community model that’s worked for nearly thirty years and we wish to lead by example. Current and past initiatives: the floating allotment barge, bee keeping and support for Laburnum Boat Club with resources.

Community Events

CHUG aims to make the basin and the canal accessible and enjoyable to Hackney residents and visitors alike. Open Days, including our annual Christmas Fête, and a Pop Up Café on summer weekends give the public regular access to the basin. In 2011 the moorings, including a series of boats, took part in London Open House.